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The independent arts magazine by women, for women.

ALKALI is an independent arts magazine that showcases past & contemporary women artists of all media. It supports individuals through tailor made, specially curated artist interviews, a yearly virtual gallery of which 100% of sales go directly to the artists, and a yearly  micro bursary to assist with materials. Click on 'Opportunities' to see how you can apply to take part in any of the above - and navigate to 'Who's behind ALKALI?' to see more about the people who have created this new arts venture. 

Below you can also see the magazine's guiding standards. 

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Ad-free publications 

Donation based financial model

Virtual exhibition with 100% of sales going directly to artist 

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Every ALKALI issue includes individual, uniquely curated artist interviews. The maximum number of interviews that each publication has is 5. 

The women artists included are emerging, established and returning individuals who create solid, insightful and intriguing work. Each artist is allocated around 4-5 pages on average, however this will vary as some peoples' work needs to be larger in size in order to show it off properly in the PDF.

The works chosen for each issue will have to do with variety of medium, approach to work, and also how the artists can fit in a solid curation with one another.



please email your name, short artist statement & images of 5 different pieces of work (1 image per work) in one PDF document to : submissions@alkalimagazine.com

  • submissions are free

  • submissions that do not follow the above requirements will not be taken into consideration

  • keep in mind that if you are selected for the artist interviews, you will have to send in images of your work in accordance to a particular resolution and size quality for the magazine


applications for the virtual exhibition will open December 2020

opening date for submissions will be announced via Instagram

Funds for materials are very important. They keep you going and keep you creating. 

This is why ALKALI is funding €200 to a woman artist for 2021. 

Submission dates will be announced on Instagram & Facebook, as well as here.

Awardee of the ALKALI Micro grant for materials will be announced and showcased in the MARCH 2022 issue of the magazine.



Along with the completion of the form which will be published when the submissions open, please email  supporting images of your work in one PDF document to : submissions@alkalimagazine.com


  • remember to send images of 5 different pieces of work (1 image per work)

  • submissions are free

  • submissions that do not follow the above requirements will not be taken into consideration

  • you cannot apply to the micro grant if you were selected for the artist interviews in the same calendar year - so if you were featured in the magazine in 2020, you can now apply for the micro grant in 2021.


Who's behind ALKALI?

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Georgie Vargemezi


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Villie Flari

Photographer/Contributing Writer/Administrative

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Georgie has been a practising artist since 2006. An art historian, with further studies in the Node Center for Curating, she found a true need for an arts magazine run by women, showcasing women artists of all media. ALKALI's aim is to become integral in homes of individuals, artists, students, and all lovers of art around the world. 

Villie Flari is an abstract photographer who specialises in the creation of temporary still life installations. She is a contributing writer to the magazine, focusing intently to bringing life into past women artists who even though overlooked, made solid contributions to the art world & beyond.


Previous publications

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June 2020

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September 2020

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September 2021

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Business/office location: Galway, Republic of Ireland

Alkali is an international publication.

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